Meet LaTanya

LaTanya DeLoach is a professional coach and performance enhancer trainer, and speaker. I am dedicated to helping individuals and organizations reach their full potential through spiritual growth, personal development, financial education, and in business and banking. 

The four concepts that she maximize for others is: Money, Ministry, Mission, and Mental, along with her 1111 concepts of Prosperity Partnerships, PEACE (Positive Energy Always Creates Elevation) Perfected Health, Spiritual Provision and Protection.

She is an entrepreneur, public speaker, and author of two books, Cash on Crypto and My 111 Millionaire Notes.

She is also passionate about helping individuals understand how crypto will replace the cash currency system, starting in 2022! 

She dispels myths about bible prophecy, gematria, numerology, astrology, and astronomy, to show how and why a MASSIVE WEALTH DISTRIBUTION will happen, how to position yourself for it, and why cryptocurrency will play a massive role in this Great Wealth Transfer.